Eleni Decor external polystyrene mouldings


Just like a tailor who sews a dress on a body shape of a woman, we manufacture the architectural decorations on the measure of the house they are made for.

External polystyrene mouldings


A house can tell a story…

A house can tell a story, a story about a place, about a historical time but especially about you, its owner, about your lifestyle and status symbol. The façade is the first thing people see when coming to your home, it’s the first impression about you.

Eleni Décor can make your house more elegant, more luxurious and more eco-friendly by creating custom-made decorative elements for its façade. External decorative mouldings like crown mouldings, eave cornices and coving, classical corbels, brackets & dentils, door  & window surrounds, we manufacture them based on your own taste.  However you imagine your dream house, we can help to shape its facade for you.

With over 10 years of leading activity in the Italian façade decoration field, Eleni Decor has become a national custom-made mouldings manufacturing company. We work with our customers’ architects or engineers by innovating, designing and creating together. Our innovative exterior mouldings are lightweight but resistant as they are made of high density EPS material coated with fibre-reinforced plaster. The installation is quick and easy. It doesn’t require special manpower abilities. And last but not least, our decorative solutions are more economical than you might think.

We believe in the art of architectural elegance and beauty.


  • Because we are tailors for your home and not just moulding stock sellers
  • Because we listen to our customers and suggest the best decorative solutions for their home before starting the project
  • Because we give our customers technical assistance
  • Because we will manufacture the external polystyrene mouldings based on your taste, by following the precise measures of your project
  • Because our external polystyrene mouldings make your house more insulated and efficient in terms of energy use.
  • Because our external polystyrene mouldings will rise the commercial value of your house
  • Because our custom external decorative mouldings are more economical by 60-70% than the ones made of stone or concrete.
  • Because our exterior facade decorations are lightweight and easy to install as their installation doesn’t require specialized manpower
  • Because with Eleni Decor the facade of your house will be admired like a princess at a ball