Project Description


Architects who work on restoration projects, often work on historical projects bound by the administration. In this case it is needed to make perfect decorative elements replicas of the façade decorations, which sometimes have very particular shapes.

But now we have a modern solution for this problem: decorative elements replicas made of polystyrene and covered with fiber reinforced plaster. The EPS is scanned in 3D in order to reproduce with maximum precision the original deteriorated element.

The replicas are lightweight and easy to install by making all the process quick, simple and economical.

The fiber reinforced plaster coat makes the decorative elements replicas resistant and weatherproof. They can be finished and painted with any external paint.

Decorative elements replicas

Some examples of decorative elements replicas

Liberty palace in  Gallarate

Private villa

Historical school in Cervignano del Friuli

Ex-railway station in  Limena (Padua)